AMR = Ana-Maria Rusu

I live in Valencia and I practice architecture and graphic design.

I am a self-taught photographer, I shoot digital and film photography. I am usually drawn to colours, randomness and details.

I became seriously interested in photography in 2009, photographing daily ever since. I am constantly exploring ways to visually express myself. As I am a versatile person I found easy to experiment different mediums and types of photography. During this never-ending journey I learned that I am most interested in documentary, people and architectural photography. I have been trained in architecture, shapes are part of my being and the why of my interest in this type of photography.

On the other hand I enjoy very much the spontaneity of the moment and the little details, one would find ordinary, that in a second come together in a supreme perfection. Photographing people allows me to capture these precious moments, which most of the times become documented stories.