Joan’s place in Russafa

Some of you might know already, from my previous post, that I had the opportunity to organise my second photography exhibition. I would like to introduce you now to the lovely man that was kind enough to let me expose on the walls of his playground. I met Joan by chance when my partner was looking for a place to have a haircut. I barely spoke Spanish at the time but we managed to communicate and quickly connected.

His place resembles more to a multifunctional art/pop-up shop space than a hair salon. I timidly told him I’d be interested in exhibiting in his salon and he was very open about it. Joan had a look at my photos and we soon established the details of the future exhibition. I was going to have my second solo exhibition in less than one year time, sweet!

Joan opened the salon 17 years ago, needless to say that the neighbourhood is his home and people consider him the soul of the ‘party’. He is constantly organising art exhibitions, events related to fashion, graphic design, books and music, he is always looking to promote new and unique ideas. He is a treasure for Russafa and Valencia.

I had so much fun photographing  Joan Santamaria Perruquer, every corner has something that awaits to be discovered.

Thank you, Joan!


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