Tanzania on my mind

My mind keeps on going back to this fantastic country. So much so that I managed to make it the theme of my first photography exhibition. It takes place in one of the most beautiful towns in Romania – Brasov, hosted by the coolest bistro in town – Simone Disco Bistro.

Here are a few shots of the pictures up on the wall and the text that went along with them.

“Here, the mind wanders free! Safari Njema

Hot air rushes into my lungs. It makes my breathing speed up into a feeling of sweet anticipation. I am immersed into a nature I have never encountered; yet, deep inside, I feel like home.
I let myself go to the dry, dusty air of the Great Plains. The vast land before my eyes lays silent and majestically beautiful. It feels alive yet still. As I walk deep into the grasslands I experience a glimpse of the day-to-day life. The trees standing tall and regal, red raw soil beneath my feet, the little birds cleaning off the back of the black rhinoceros, the lazy zebras and wildebeests chewing on grass, a big herd of mighty elephants passes by in search of water to cool off from the scorching heat. Then, all of a sudden, behind a group of shrubs and trees I see a long spotted neck, then another one and oh…look there’s one more! I start smiling with all my face, probably the funniest encounter so far. The giraffes are looking back at me curiously; it is the first time I feel like I am not invisible around here.
It feels right though, in this ancestral place, to just be an invisible observer and leave the nature do its course.
The golden fields are slowly becoming blurry as I climb up the clouds to cross the country in search of blue waters.

I breathe in deep through my nostrils to inhale the salty, moist air of the island. I adjust my eyes to take in all of my surroundings; it is mostly white and blue. On days when the low tide is strong enough I spend hours walking the endless stretch of beach, up and down, mesmerized by the creatures I encounter. Eventually, I surrender to the ocean, swimming in unbelievably blue pools formed by the tide.

For local women in Zanzibar, mornings are dedicated to seaweed harvest. It is probably the only time of day one can see women out and about. Once their job in the ocean is done they return home peacefully, carrying the seaweed bags on their shoulders.

As the sun is traveling to the west the waters are slowly becoming stronger and higher. While I roam the streets of Stone Town in search of new flavors and a cooling marakuja juice the fishing boats are slowly approaching the shores.

There is no other view I’d like to see in the horizon; the dhows look like warriors returning triumphant after a long battle, brave and proud carried only by the wind. They bring food; the ocean has been generous once again. Tonight I’ll head off to Forodhani Gardens to indulge – fresh fish, cassava chips and sugarcane juice.

My mind has been wandering free for a while. My body and soul peacefully followed. It’s a journey I always want to remember.”


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